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We know how difficult and frustrating it could be to strive to get results but still be a long way from the finish line. It takes a complete, structured, custom tailored program to achieve desired outcome and beyond.

Personal trainers are now being used by people of all backgrounds, ages and social status. Personal training program and individual attention - the most effective way to improve your health and fitness level, and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Get maximum results in minimum time with a program developed and designed especially for you!

"Benefits of Personal Training:"

  • Helps identify the right targets
  • Makes the program achievable and effective
  • Reduces chances of injury
  • Building the right skillful approach required for an exercises
  • Helps adjust tools and training intensity
  • Works towards your goals
  • Establishes discipline and organization skills
  • Works at the time convenient for you

We offer all kinds of activities: basic training at the gym, free weights training, muscle building, weight loss, functional training and conditioning, personal training for people with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, studies with adolescents, pregnant and the elderly.

Personal Training at «Fitness Gallery» Clubs - Your fastest start in achieving the best results under the guidance of fitness professionals!

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